Spring is Here – Cleanse with Emergence

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Spring is Here – Cleanse with Emergence

The sun is shining, color is exploding all around, and I feel the need to Cleanse!
Cleaning-out the clutter, internally and externally.

There is something completely satisfying about rolling up your sleeves and getting into those deep, dark corners to clear out the gunk and start anew. Traditionally, this meant getting to those household tasks that always get put off: beating the old dust out of your carpets, clearing out the gutters, scrubbing till the house felt like new. However the same principal can easily be applied to our inner selves as well as our outer lives.

Where are your cobwebs? What corners have you been trying to avoid looking in? A relationship you haven’t let go of? A health challenge you have been avoiding? A project you’ve been procrastinating and is weighing you down?

We spend so much energy avoiding those dark places, but if you can bring curiosity and harness this Spring “take-charge” attitude it can be fun digging in, clearing out, and getting a little dirty!

5 Ways You Can Detox

1) Declutter
“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful”
– William Morris.

Our outer spaces often reflect the state of our inner space, so taking time to start clearing out the unnecessary clutter in our homes can often help de-clutter our mind at the same time. Getting rid of those old clothes you never wear, or clearing out that closet you avoid opening can make room for things you actually appreciate and love.

2) Clear out those pipes!- Body Detox
Many healing traditions consider Spring the time to rest our digestive system and clear out all the old gunk and stale biological and emotional waste that you have been carrying through the winter. Read here for more suggestions.

3) Green – Not Just A Color
Take a hint from Spring, and eat your GREENS!
Bitter greens such as dandelion can help to detoxify the body. Green beverages such as green tea and mint tea are also appropriate, and can help to detoxify and to soothe the Liver in Chinese Medicine.

4) Epsom salts
Your mother had them for a reason. These are the cheapest, most effective detox method I know. Put them in a bath or homemade foot bath and soak! The salts draw out toxins (and help with sore muscles) while you get to relax. Add your favorite essential oil for an added treat.

5) Morning pages
From “The Artist’s Way” this is a great way to get all Write Every Morning for┬áthat input cluttering up your head out and on paper. First thing in the morning, write 3 pages long-hand. No editing or thinking, this is purely stream of consciousness. Interestingly enough, I find doing this quickly turns away from a to-do list dump, and starts dusting off those inner cobweb’s we talked about and putting me in touch with myself in a much more fulfilling- and often surprising!- way.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Advice for Spring

In spring, the movement is outward. Just as plants begin to sprout and manifest their essence and buds begin to appear, this is also a great time for outward movement for humans, as well.

Start that new exercise regimen
Offset that spring time anger — Play!
Soothe your sinuses with White Flower Oil

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