Source Technique – Emotional and Structural Repatterning

Whole body chiropractic work utilizing applied kineseology with a focus on the source issues: emotional, physical, or chemical. 

The Source Technique was developed to identify and treat the true source of an injury, leading to long lasting corrective care. This often includes rebalancing and treating you on a physical, chemical, and emotional level, all things related to the injury source.

Physical realignment occurs from head to toe through muscle rebalancing, leading to joint realignment. In cases with severe scar tissue, direct joint alignment and manipulation may be necessary.

Chemical evaluation occurs to determine core nutritional needs to help body functions and encourage healing. This also identifies chemical toxins and stressors that may inhibit health and healing.

Emotional evaluation will help identify stressors contributing to emotional symptons, helping to develop and enact a realistic and manageable plan to address and eliminate the emotional sources of an injury.