Through its unique methods and approach Rolfing is able to affect dramatic changes in a person’s posture and structure. It achieves this by reorganizing the body from the ground up.


Rolfing works with the connective tissue or fascia. Think of fascia as a continuous network throughout the body that surrounds muscles, groups of muscles, nerves, and blood vessels. Through injury, trauma, or chronic tension fascia can become bound in particular areas, causing limitation, pain, and poor posture. Rolfing, through hands on work, is able to free these restrictions and help the body regain its natural buoyancy and ease.

Benefits often reported from receiving Rolfing are:
Decreased pain
Increased range of motion and ease of movement
Standing taller and straighter without effort
Feeling more “grounded”
Greater connection with the body
Quicker recovery from injury
Results that last
People from all different walks of life have benefitted from Rolfing:
Athletes and dancers
Office desk workers
Manual laborers
Yogis and yoginis
People interested in increased connection with themselves,
their bodies, and the world