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We’ve been hunkering down for the Winter, reflecting, rebuilding our reserves and preparing for the new season of growth- right in time for Spring! As we continue to move through the transition into a new season it is a great time to consciously bridge those two movements: the inward winter, moving into the outward focus of spring.

We are currently in the transition now between Winter and Spring, which is a great time to consciously bridge those two movements: the inward winter, moving into the outward focus of spring.

Take a moment to feel into your body, is it trying to tell you anything? Our there any new endeavors or directions you want to move toward this year? Things that are ready to be let go of? New seeds you would like to plant and nurture in their place? Now is the time!!

Gardening can be a great teacher of how to align to these natural cycles so our efforts can move forward with the most ease. Think about the process of planting a seedling:

First you BREAK GROUND: tear through any weeds, dig up the old and hardened dirt. It is important to make sure to turn and sift it thoroughly. Mixing up the different layers, and letting new air come through- which lightens it, and prepares it for recieving the new input and potential growth in the form of seeds. [what needs to be mixed up in your life? Any hardened and stagnant places that haven’t seen the light for awhile? Dig in!! Sift through your inner soil! BREATHE!]

Remember: gardens are only limited by the amount of SPACE YOU CLEAR! 😉

Then you CHOOSE YOUR SEEDS. What would you like to plant this year? What new experiences and dreams are you ready to cultivate? YOU get to choose what to plant, gardens are not dictated by your job, family, or circumstances- you can fill them with veggies or flowers in any form you choose. Let your CREATIVITY & VISION shine!

Now in the open spaces you cleared out, you can PLANT THEM! The more time and care you give them while planting, often the more bountiful harvest. Visualize them growing into fruition and all the best gardeners I know send a little Love to their plants– so make sure you give yourself some too!

And a final thought: WEEDS and PESTS.
Weeds: watch out for any of those little nagging doubts or old habits. Like weeds they have a tendency to be tenacious, but if you can just notice them and pluck them out when they come up without reacting success can be yours!

Pests: those little naysayers that might want to steal the fruits of your labor, or nibble away at your confidence. They are often a fact of life, but a little preparation can go a long way. Think about relationships or circumstances which might be interfering or holding you back . What sort of remedy would you need to help keep your boundaries intact and keep you strong in your vision? We all need a little cayanne spray sometimes!


Update: After writing this article, I found some additional information specific to 2013 that urges a little more caution this year than other Springs. Read my addendum to this article here!

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