Addendum to “Grow your Life”, in the Year of the Water Snake

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The posts on our site are often articles that we are writing and sharing in our client newsletter. I had this month’s all cued up to send, with my article on “Grow your Life”, focusing on the outward movement traditionally found in Spring.

Then as luck would have it, I was awakened early and decided to begin listening to a respected San Francisco practitioner,  Lui Ming, who gives an annual talk on what to expect and how to make the most of the cycles of this coming year from a Chinese cosmology perspective. Ten minutes into the talk, he turned my article upside down! Full disclosure is: I haven’t even finished the talk yet. However I wanted to share the little information I have, because this years spring may call for little more caution and patience than other years.

Spring is often the time for marching bravely forward and starting new initiatives. This was part of the thrust of my article, which you can still read here.

However just as the seasons have their own particular rhythms and tendencies, they are just one cycle within many cycles. Their patterns tend to flow on a quarterly schedule, remaining fairly consistent each year- Winter will almost always be colder than Summer (except in SF of course!). One part of the Chinese system tracks other “seasons”, if you will, which tends to take 60 years to complete moving through the entire cycle. In their system, each different year is associated with a corresponding animal animal and elemental representative, with each bringing particular qualities.

This year happens to be the year of the “Water Snake”. A primary quality of a Water Snake year is “withdrawal”. To successfully navigate it’s waters, there is a need for patience, and above all stillness. Not that movement cannot happen- there seems to also be great possibility for change. However one must be more cautious this year, really paying attention to their deeper selves and to timing in order to gain the greatest benefit from actions this year.

Having written an article that advocates the traditional “jump into Spring madness”, it feels necessary to also share this new piece of knowledge! So keep digging and cultivating, but this year perhaps take some extra time with the “Breathing” and look just a little closer to the true nature of reality and intentions before leaping!

Stillness, Withdrawal, Exposing and Exploring our own inner depths are all called for in the year of the Water Snake. Enjoy the waters!


As with everything in Chinese Medicine, there is so much to learn about the system and this year. This article barely touches the surface. If you are interested in learning more, you  can download Lui Ming’s whole talk for a $25 donation.  He also discusses particular signs during his talk, if you would like to find yours to make it more personally relevant, you can use this table. (please note, I know nothing about this practitioner, link is for table reference only.)


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